Immunization Program Leaders Course
Course Description

The IHB Immunization Program Leaders Course (IPLC) is a two day course designed to ensure credentialed healthcare providers, clinical managers, and other senior leaders understand responsibilities for the successful management of an immunization program.

Mission and Objectives:
The Immunization Program Leaders Course is to train credentialed healthcare providers,clinical managers, and other senior leaders to provide quality immunization services, exhibit competency when participating in risk communication activities, and exercise good immunization program management techniques for medical personnel assigned to administer immunizations in the clinic.

Who should attend:
Participants should be the credentialed providers (Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants), Nurses, and other healthcare personnel who provide direct oversight and management of immunization activities.

Course Training Objectives
IPLC Students
  • Identify the clinical policies and procedures for the management of an immunization program
  • Differentiate methods to improve the quality of vaccine delivery and address immunization issues
  • Discuss clinical emergency management and treatment of Adverse Events related to immunizations and tools for reporting such events
  • Discuss principles of mass immunization and travel related activities
  • Differentiate between Vaccine Error and Adverse Event Reporting systems
  • Develop and demonstrate techniques for immunization risk communication
Continuing Education Credits
Upon completion of the 2 day Immunization Program Leaders Course you may qualify for Continuing Education Credits (CME, CE & ACHE). Detailed information is available on the ImzU Continuing Education Credits page.
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Request Local Training
The Immunization Program Leaders Course Team will come to your location upon request (see attached Info Paper). For more information, please contact your IHB Immunization Healthcare Specialist or send us an email including details about your unit, timeframe, number & types of people to be trained, etc.