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DoD News31 Jul 14
Immunization Awareness Month Kicks Off in August
CNN25 Jul 14
Ebola outbreak: Is it time to test experimental vaccines?
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HPV vaccination rate up, but not enough, CDC says
CNN23 Jul 14
CDC lab director resigns after anthrax incident
CNN15 Jul 14
Anthrax investigation: USDA finds more CDC lab problems
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CDC Cracks Down on Labs After Anthrax, Bird Flu Scares
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Forgotten vials of smallpox found in old storage room
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No sign of anthrax infections after CDC lab incident
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Childhood vaccines are safe. Seriously.
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For kids, flu spray may be better than shots
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CDC: Up to 86 workers possibly exposed to anthrax
CNN16 Jun 14
California declares whooping cough epidemic
CBS News09 Jun 14
How one unvaccinated child sparked Minnesota measles outbreak
CNN29 May 14
CDC: Highest number of U.S. measles cases since 2000
CBS News19 May 14
CIA says it will not use vaccine programs for spying
CNN16 May 14
361 cases of mumps in central Ohio
CBS News06 May 14
Pakistan launches new polio vaccination efforts
CNN05 May 14
WHO sounds alarm on spread of polio
ABC News05 May 14
WHO Debates Fate of Smallpox Vials in US, Russia