Promotion Points
Army - Promotion Points and Evaluations

The Immunization Healthcare Branch (IHB) is working with Human Resources Command (HRC) to award soldiers promotion point credit for completing all modules of Project Immune Readiness. US Army (Active, Reserve, and Guard) enlisted personnel should complete the modules in the course, make copies of all completion certificates, and present them to the Personnel Service Branch (PSB) Promotions section for evaluation. One promotion point should be awarded for each five credit hours of computer-based training completed. To determine the total promotion points, add credit hours completed and then divide by five, the result is the number of promotion points to be awarded. For further information, please refer to Enlisted Promotions and Reductions, AR 600-8-19, para. 3-49.

Additionally, Army Noncommissioned Officers may elect to use completion of Project Immune Readiness modules as justification for “success” or “excellence” bullets on the NCO Evaluation Report, DA Form 2166-8. The Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Reporting System regulation, AR 623-205, is the governing publication for this form.

Air Force - Promotion Credit

US Air Force (Active, Reserve, and Guard) enlisted personnel should make copies of completion certificates and present them for input into their Personal Information File. The Enlisted Evaluation System (EES) deals directly with the Air Force’s most precious resource- people. It is your responsibility, along with your supervisor’s help, to understand your strengths, weaknesses, and mission contribution. Completion certificates regarding professional education can be used as bullet statements for feedback, EPR, and award boards. For further information, please refer to Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems, AFI 36-2406, and Military Evaluations, AFPD 36-24.

Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard - Advancement Credit

US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard (Active and Reserve) enlisted personnel should make copies of completion certificates and present them to their Senior Rater/Supervisor (person completing Evals, Pros & Cons, or Employee Reviews) for input towards advancement in rank. In addition to improving specialty knowledge, completion of the modules demonstrates initiative and commitment to professional development.

For further information:
Navy personnel please refer to the Navy Performance Evaluation System Manual, BUPERSINST 1610.10A (20 SEP 05) .

Marine Corps personnel please refer to the Marine Corps Individual Records Administration Manual, MCO P1070.12K, and the Marine Corps Promotion Manual, Volume 2, Enlisted Promotions, MCO P1400.32D, regarding Self-Education Bonus Points for your composite score.

Coast Guard personnel please refer to Volume III, Education Services Officer Procedures, ESO SOP vol III,  the Training and Education Manual, COMDTINST M1500.10 (Series), the Enlisted Performance Qualifications Manual, COMDTINST M1414.8 (Series), and the Enlisted Professional Military Education Manual, COMDTINST M1510.2.