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Adenovirus - Adenovirus Types 4 and 7 Vaccine
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  1. How is this vaccine given?
    Adenovirus vaccine types 4 and 7 are tablets and are given orally. Each tablet must be swallowed whole and cannot be chewed or crushed. Postpone administration to individuals with vomiting and/or diarrhea and those with moderate to severe acute illness.

  2. How many doses of adenovirus vaccine are needed?
    A single dose is needed, which consists of two live, oral enteric-coated tablets (type 4 - white tablet, type 7- light peach tablet). Adenovirus vaccine types 4 and 7 is administered only once and no booster dose is required.

  3. Can the adenovirus vaccine be administered with other vaccines, including live vaccines?
    Adenoviruses vaccine types 4 and 7 can be administered simultaneously or at any interval before or after other vaccines, including live vaccines.

  4. How is the vaccine stored?
    The vaccine must be refrigerated between 2° and 8°C (35° and 46° F) and never frozen. All bottles must be protected from moisture and remain tightly closed. The desiccant canister should not be removed from the bottle.

  5. How long does protective immunity of adenovirus vaccine types 4 and 7 last?
    The duration of immunity and persistence of circulating antibody following immunization has not yet been determined. The vaccine is very effective in reducing disease.