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Chickenpox - The Vaccine
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  1. How is this vaccine administered?
    The chickenpox vaccine is given as a shot. A 0.5 ml dose is given subcutaneously.

  2. Should adults be tested before vaccination to see if they are already immune to chickenpox?
    Currently, 90% to 95% of adults are immune to chickenpox because of having had the disease as children. If you know you had chickenpox disease earlier in life, you don't need testing or vaccination, unless you are working in an environment where your immune status must be documented (such as a hospital). If you are uncertain of your medical history, blood testing can be done to see if immunization would be useful.

  3. What side effects have been reported with this vaccine?
    Possible side effects are generally mild and include redness, stiffness, and soreness at the injection site; such localized reactions occur in about 20% of children immunized. A small percentage of people develop a mild rash, usually around the spot where the shot was given.