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Smallpox - Linen Precautions For Hospital Workers and Institutional Settings After Smallpox Vaccination
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Precautions for Your Uniform While at Work - Laundry

  1. I wear scrubs. What do I do about my laundry at work?

    Wear a warm-up jacket over your short-sleeve scrubs. Have your dressing evaluated every day and changed if exudates appear.

    If applicable: When you go to the scrub-replacement machine with dirty scrubs, please have your scrubs rolled or folded so that the arm area is on the inside. Wash your hands and wear clean gloves to feed the scrub machine. Wash your hands after putting the dirty scrubs into the machine. Carry Cal-Stat or other alcohol-based rinse with you.

  2. I wear a long-sleeved shirt/blouse for work. How do I care for this?
    The long sleeves help remind you not to scratch your vaccination site. Make it a point to wear a shirt/blouse or some type of apparel that can be washed in hot water.

  3. I bought my own scrubs. What do I do with my own laundry?
    Launder them in hot water (160o F), with soap. Use bleach, if desired.

  4. I wear a lab coat that the hospital provided. What do I do when I need to get a fresh lab coat?
    Please place your used lab coat into a plastic bag and take it down to linen turn in. You will be issued a new lab coat when you turn in your dirty-bagged lab coat. Use a standard plastic bag (not a red bag).