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After Receiving the Smallpox Vaccination - Bathing

  1. After I take a bath or shower, do I need to sanitize the bathtub before other people in my household use it?
    It's not necessary to sanitize the bathtub or the sink after use. You may want to clean any surface that you place a dirty bandage upon with a disinfectant. Pay attention to any surface or object that rubs against your vaccination site.

  2. What's the risk of children spreading the vaccinia virus to one another at day care centers if their parents have been vaccinated?
    We are investing a great deal of effort into training personnel to prevent them from spreading vaccine virus anywhere. If you have received a smallpox vaccination, the risk of passing vaccine virus (vaccinia) to your child is extremely low if you follow the standard precautions (band-aids, long-sleeves, hand washing). Spreading vaccinia from a child of a vaccinee to another child would be even rarer.