Live Training Courses
Allergy and Immunizations Program
Course Description:

This 5.5-week course's mission is to train medics, corpsmen, and nurses to provide immunization and allergy services. The first 10 days are spent in the classroom learning the basic information and procedures. After the classroom phase, the hands-on training begins at the clinical sites including Joint Base Andrews-NAF Washington, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, and Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center at Fort Meade. Students complete skill evaluations with 100% accuracy as well as pass the written final exam.

Eligibility Requirements:

The course is open to uniformed military personnel and DoD civilian nursing personnel who will be providing direct immunization and allergy patient care. Please click on the tabs below to see service-specific eligibility requirements.

Army Requirements:

Human Resources Company makes the decision for Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve Soldiers to attend the course so, please do not contact the course in regards to your enrollment.

  1. 300-Y8 course is available to Active Duty, Guard, and Reserve Soldiers in the grade of Sergeant non-promotable and below.
  2. Soldiers must submit a DA 4187 to Human Resources NLT 60 days prior to class start date.
  3. Active Duty Army must have 9 months service remaining requirement (SRR).
  4. Army Reserve Soldiers must have 24 SRR.
  5. Soldiers must be fully qualified 68W or 68WM6.
  6. All applicants must provide:
    1. Current EMT-B certification
    2. Current BLS certification
    3. APFT score
  7. TDA must reflect a Y8 slot at the facility and the Solider must be assigned as an Allergy Technician.
  8. Once the DA 4187 is signed and approved by your company commander, you need to scan & email a copy to the following POC:
    1. Attention: MSG RICHARD W. CHANDLER, Proponent NCO
    2. Email address:
    3. Please contact after submitting your DA 4187 to ensure it was received.
      MSG, USA
      Senior Career Management Advisor
      AMEDD Proponent NCO/Force Integrator
      1600 Spearhead Division Road
      Human Resources Command
      Fort Knox, KY 40122
      Room 2-3-033
      502-613-5218 (o)
      312-983-5218 (DSN)
    4. Please keep in mind that MSG Chandler is the approving official for all Army packages submitted. If class seat is denied, please contact MSG Chandler for clarification.
  9. All request for waivers must be submitted to:
    CDR, AMEDD Center & School
    AMEDD Personnel Proponent Directorate
    Attn: MCCS-DE
    1400 E. Grayson Street
    Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-6175
Navy Active Duty Requirements:

For Active Duty Navy, the Course NCOIC/Instructors will select candidates for each class based on seats availability. All active duty personnel selected to attend must meet all the prerequisites listed below under the service requirement.

  1. Hospital Corpsman E1-E5.
  2. Actively assigned as an Allergy Technician.
  3. Current CPR certification.
  4. Completed questionnaire included with packet.
  5. Letter of Recommendation/Justification to include the following:
    1. Manning losses
    2. Procedures performed in the clinic
    3. Allergist on board
    4. Patient workload per day/month
  6. Physically qualified in accordance with (IAW) transfer manual and the manual of the Medical Department.
  7. After you have gathered and completed all the above items, please email them to the Allergy and Immunizations Program.
    Email address:
DoD Civilians Requirements:

For Department of Defense (DoD) personnel, the program director will select candidates for each class based on seats of opportunity. All personnel selected to attend must meet all the prerequisites listed below under service requirement.

  1. Letter of Recommendation/Justification to including:
    1. Manning losses
    2. Procedures performed in the clinic
    3. Allergist on board
    4. Patient workload per day/month
    5. GS Rating and Series Number
  2. Current CPR certification.
  3. Nursing Certification/License
  4. DA3838/ SF182 with Approval Authority signature
  5. After you have gathered and completed all the above items, please email them to the Allergy and Immunizations Program.
    1. Phone: 301-319-6852
    2. Email:
Air Force Student Requirements/Prerequisites:

The Allergy and Immunizations Program does not decide who attends the Course, nor does it have any say on assignment location for AF personnel. This decision is made by AFMPC Randolph AFB, TX, and will require a packet submission. Contact your local MPF for further details.

Basic Prerequisites:
  1. SSgt - SrA
  2. Completion of J3AQR4N031 (Medical Service Apprentice)
  3. Completion of J5AQR4N051 (Medical Service Journeyman)
Allergy and Immunizations Program (300-Y8) Class Dates for Fiscal Year 2016-2017
Class Report Date Start Date Graduation Date
006 05 Jul 2016 06 Jul 2016 12 Aug 2016
007 15 Aug 2016 16 Aug 2016 23 Sep 2016
008 26 Sep 2016 27 Sep 2016 04 Nov 2016
171 06 Nov 2016 07 Nov 2016 16 Dec 2016
172 03 Jan 2017 04 Jan 2017 10 Feb 2017
173 21 Feb 2017 22 Feb 2017 31 Mar 2017
174 04 Apr 2017 05 Apr 2017 12 May 2017
175 15 May 2017 16 May 2017 23 Jun 2017
176 26 Jun 2017 27 Jun 2017 23 Jun 2017
177 21 Aug 2017 22 Aug 2017 29 Sep 2017

Allergy and Immunizations Program
Building 512 Forest Glen Annex
Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
Bethesda, MD
Phone: 301-319-6852
Dr. Mikita, Allergy and Immunizations Program Director
SFC Sandle, Allergy and Immunizations Program NCOIC

Principles of Military Preventive Medicine Course
Course Description:

This 9 week course (#6a-F5) is designed to provide Army Medical Department (AMEDD) officers with the skills and knowledge to function in preventive medicine specialty areas at an entry level. The course is tailored to provide uniquely different training to six specialty officer groups:

  1. Community Health Nurses (CHN's)
  2. Environmental Science/Sanitary Engineers
  3. Medical Corps/Veterinary Corps/Physician Assistant (MC/VC/PA)
  4. Entomologists (ENTO)
  5. Nuclear Medical Science Officers (NMSO)
  6. Audiologists

Course content includes the following areas: community health practices, communicable and infectious diseases, operational preventive medicine, epidemiology, statistics, medical entomology, industrial hygiene, health physics, sanitary engineering, and environmental science. Preventive medicine core topics provide a broad overview of each of the specialty areas for all students, preparing them to function as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Each specialty group also receives additional instruction in appropriate specialty topics, preparing them to function independently at an entry level within their specialties. A three-day field training exercise will occur at the end of the course.

Project Immune Readiness (PIR)
Course Description:

Self-paced distance learning courses for all military personnel, federal government employees, and contractors who are involved in immunization healthcare delivery. Currently there are 53 courses from which to choose. You will have the opportunity to earn credit hours.

Military Project Immune Readiness (PIR) website:
Technical assistance for Military PIR:

Phone: (571) 231-1519 (Monday - Friday, 8am-4pm ET)