We welcome all healthcare workers to the DoD Immunization University. We are committed to making this the most fruitful single location to access to a wide range of training products relating to immunization services.

What is Immunization University?

An informal collection of guidelines and training resources, sponsored by the Immunization Healthcare Branch, to help staff make every immunization an excellent one. Designed to enhance the skills of healthcare workers from a variety of professional and paraprofessional backgrounds, "Immunization University" offers training on vaccine products and immunization services through distance learning and on-site classes.

The ImzU logo, with its torch as beacon, emphasizes our educational efforts via Immunization University, “Imz U.” Established in 2005, its motto is “Each Immunization an Excellent One,” summarizing our obligations as leaders and clinicians in the United States Armed Forces. The banner reads Scientia * Tutela * Salveo, referring to our keystones of knowledge, protection, and health.

How do I find out more?

The core elements of Immunization University are available here. Additional tools and courses will be added over time. Please sign up for our ListServ which will also include updates as they become available. You may also check back to this page regularly for the latest information on Immunization University.

What is the IHB ListServ & how do I get it?

The IHB ListServ is a bimonthly electronic newsletter sent to ImzU registered users. It includes important information about DoD vaccines, immunization policies and practices, training opportunities, and other vaccine-related information; as well as the latest ACIP and CDC guidelines and recommendations. Review archived copies of these messages.