DoD Smallpox Vaccination Training
The DoD Smallpox Vaccination Training curriculum is an online course that will provide Military Healthcare Personnel with important and comprehensive information concerning the smallpox vaccine. It is also designed to prepare healthcare personnel to administer smallpox vaccinations and perform required administrative tasks in support of the DoD's Smallpox Vaccination Program.

Completion of this training program satisfies the DoD requirement that all medical personnel participating in smallpox vaccination first complete an approved course of smallpox training.

This curriculum includes eight modules; an introduction and seven training modules, and can be completed in approximately 2.5 hours.

A certificate of completion will be available for download after the completion of all the course modules.
DoD Smallpox Vaccination Training - Modules list
DoD Smallpox Vaccination Training - Introduction [4:48]
Provides a brief history of the Smallpox Vaccination Program; relevent policies, recent service messages and quality assurance updates.
Smallpox Disease and Vaccine [14:24]
Describes the variola virus and how it causes smallpox disease, as well as discusses the current smallpox vaccine licensed in the United States.
Cold Chain Management [19:00]
Includes an overview of the proper distribution and cold chain management procedures for ACAM2000®.
Reconstitution and Administration [20:21]
Outlines the steps for ACAM2000® reconstitution and administration.
Patient Education [16:58]
Includes information on the education of vaccine recipients and their families related to smallpox vaccinations.
Patient Screening [30:23]
A review of the ACAM2000® medical screening form and the contraindications for vaccination delivery; including exemption procedures.
Adverse Events Management [21:58]
Includes information on various types of adverse events that may occur following smallpox vaccinations.
ACAM2000® Post-Licensure Requirements [8:24]
Provides an overview of the five post-licensure requirements for ACAM2000®; including Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy.