29 Feb 12 Print
Course Name Description Format Length Brochure
Standards for Quality Immunization Practice Course A one day, eight-hour course designed to train personnel on the essential elements of a safe and effective immunization program. Live, Local 1 day Not Available
Immunization Program Leaders Course A two-day course designed to train DoD Personnel and Service Members to perform a variety of tasks specific to the Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP) and the Smallpox Vaccination Program (SVP). Live, Local 2 days Not Available
DoD Adenovirus Vaccine Training Curriculum This is a 3 module online course (plus quiz) that will provide Military Healthcare Personnel with important and comprehensive information concerning the adenovirus vaccine. Web-based
Self-paced, 1 hour
DoD Smallpox Vaccination Training Curriculum An online course that will provide Military Healthcare Personel with important and comprehensive information concerning the smallpox vaccine. Web-based
Self-paced, 2.5 hours
Project Immune Readiness DoD developed educational resources to support immunization services. Free CMEs/Contact Hours available. Web-based
Self-paced Not Available
Tri-Service Immunization / Allergy Specialty Course A five week course designed to develop professional and competent technicians and nurses who can provide comprehensive immunization and allergy services. Live 5 weeks Not Available