Immunization Tracking Systems
Mapping product names to CVX and MVX

The CDC's National Center of Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) developed and maintains HL7 Table 0292, Vaccine Administered (CVX). The link below is the most up to date value set for this table. It includes both active and inactive vaccines available in the US. CVX codes for inactive vaccines allow transmission of historical immunization records. When a MVX (manufacturer) code is paired with a CVX (vaccine administered) code, the specific trade named vaccine may be indicated. CVX Code mapped to product name:

MEDPROS - Medical Protection System

The Army Medical Department designed MEDPROS to provide for the data entry and reporting/tracking of Medical and Dental Readiness information of Soldiers, Units, and Task Forces. The primary users of the MEDPROS online applications are the Soldier Readiness Processing (SRP) locations, Medical Treatment Facilities, National Guard State and Army Reserve RRC Surgeon's Offices, and unit Commanders at all levels needing to monitor the Medical Readiness status of their subordinate units and Soldiers. MEDPROS also provides every Soldier with AKO alerts as to their Individual Medical Readiness status thereby eliminating their need to obtain access to the online systems.

As an important part of the Medical Operational Data System (MODS), MEDPROS contains the following 4 key modules:

  • Individual Medical Readiness (IMR)
  • Immunization Tracking System (ITS)
  • Deployment Health Assessments
    • Pre (DD2795)
    • Post (DD2796)
    • Post-Deployment Health Re-assessments (DD2900)
  • Periodic Health Assessments
MRRS - Medical Readiness Reporting System

MRRS is the Navy, US Marine Corps and US Coast Guard’s Tool for viewing Force Medical Readiness and immunization tracking. MRRS is a web-based, real-time application with a central aggregating database, links with existing authoritative data systems including NSIPS and MCTFS for personnel tracking. MRRS gives headquarters staffs and leadership a real-time view of Force Medical Readiness and immunization status.

SAMS - SNAP (Shipboard Non-Tactical ADP Program) Automated Medical System
SAMS was developed as an automated means of supporting and improving Naval health care by removing the administrative layers that generally hamper efficient operation of health care providers. SAMS also serves as the primary tool for reporting and tracking immunizations for the Navy and Military Sealift Command. SAMS data is uploaded to Navy Medicine Online; this data is then sent to MRRS for Force Medical Readiness Tracking.

View the "Best Practices" of the SAMS system.
ASIMS - Aeromedical Services Information Management System

As a module of the USAF Aeromedical Services Information Management System (ASIMS), AFCITA client provides the Air Force a data management portal to all of its fixed facilities to track immunization data for all their personnel. ASIMS Web provides the Air Force the capability to track immunization data through a web portal for all their personnel both in fixed or deployed facilities.