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Author: IHB
The IHB Continuous Quality Immunization Improvement Process (CQIIP) customer tool will provide immunization personnel with a quality control tool to assess the immunization process and ensure compliance with the eight Standards for Military Immunizations as outlined in the Department of Defense (DOD) Joint Instruction and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Immunization Recommendations.
Author: IHB
The IHB Instruction Guide for completing the Continuous Quality Immunization Improvement Process (CQIIP) customer tool.
Author: IHB
The IHB CQIIP Reference Guide includes references for the questions asked on the CQIIP customer tool.
A Mercury article on how the Continuous Quality Immunization Improvement Process (CQIIP) helps military treatment facilities assess their compliance with the eight immunization standards.
Brochure highlighting immunization training opportunities
Author: IHB
Training for individuals about to receive the smallpox vaccine; covering policy, the risks/benefits associated with the smallpox vaccine, situations where you should not receive the vaccine, expected response at the smallpox vaccination site, and post-vaccination site care. Also includes info on possible vaccine side effects. (Powerpoint version: Smallpox Vaccine - Individuals Brief)