Message Maps
The Immunization Healthcare Branch hosted workshops that began an intensive process designed to retool, refine and improve program education. This process, formally known as “Message Mapping,” provides consistent, well-thought-out messages, the content foundation for educational products, and is a valuable tool to educate spokespersons on the DoD Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program (AVIP) & the Smallpox Vaccination Program (SVP).


 ExpandSmallpox is contagious, deadly, and would disrupt military missions.
Smallpox is a highly contagious disease that spreads from one person to another.
Smallpox is a deadly disease that killed millions worldwide over hundreds of years.
A smallpox outbreak would be highly disruptive, and significantly affect military readiness.
 ExpandSmallpox vaccine prevents smallpox and we will use it carefully.
Efficacy: The World Health Organization successfully used smallpox vaccine to eradicate natural smallpox from the planet.
Side Effects: All vaccines cause side effects, but smallpox vaccine has unique features that require special handling.
Care of the Vaccination Site: Don’t touch the smallpox vaccination site. You may spread virus somewhere else, either on your body or somebody else’s.
Exemption from Vaccination: Some people should not get smallpox vaccine, except under emergency situations.
 ExpandPreserving the health and safety of our people is our top concern.
Healthy troops complete their missions. Vaccines will keep you and your team healthy.
Vaccines have kept troops healthy since the days of George Washington.
Vaccination offers a layer of protection against bioweapons, in addition to other measures, needed for certain members of the Armed forces.
 ExpandThe Defense Department's smallpox vaccination program is part of our national strategy to safeguard Americans against smallpox attack.
The Defense Department is working with other federal departments to strengthen America’s defenses against smallpox.
The government has been preparing for some time for the remote possibility of an outbreak of smallpox as an act of terror.