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Educational Materials

  1. Will anthrax vaccine recipients receive any educational information about the anthrax vaccine? How will this information be presented?
    Commanders and health care professionals will provide anthrax vaccine recipients information about the vaccine. Information has been provided to military personnel and DoD civilians through command channels and internal and external public affairs programs to include web sites, commanders’ calls, military newspapers, television, radio and messages.

  2. Anthrax vaccine information is also available through:
    DoD and Service Web Sites

    AVIP Information
            Anthrax Vaccine Trifold Brochure
            Information Paper (Anthrax Infections and Anthrax Vaccine)
            Information Paper (Anthrax Vaccine Route Change and Dose Reduction)
            Individual's Briefing
            Healthcare Provider's briefing
            Toll-free information line (877-GET-VACC)
            Email question-and-answer service (

    Other agencies, including:
            Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (
            Food & Drug Administration (
            World Health Organization (