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Japanese encephalitis - The Vaccine
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  1. Who should be immunized against JE?

    Individuals deploying to areas in PACOM should be administered the JE vaccine in accordance with the latest PACOM Force Health Protection guidance. Laboratory workers with potential exposure to infectious JE virus should also be vaccinated.

    JE vaccination is highly recommended for Service members, DOD civilians, and beneficiaries who are stationed or who visit for more than 30 days in endemic areas.  This includes those who would be based in urban areas, but likely to visit endemic rural or agricultural areas during a high-risk period of JE transmission.

    JE vaccination is also recommended for Service members and beneficiaries traveling outside urban areas or who have an increased risk of exposure due to extensive outdoor activities; to an area with an ongoing JE outbreak; to endemic areas or who are uncertain about specific destinations, activities, or duration of travel.

    Visit the CDC JE webpage to see a geographic distribution of the JE virus.

  2. Is there a vaccine to prevent JE?

    Yes.  IXIARO®, manufactured in the United Kingdom by Intercell Biomedical, has been licensed in the U.S. since March 2009.  IXIARO® is used for immunization against JE in persons 2 months of age and older.