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Smallpox - Healthcare Workers
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Smallpox Vaccination Given Simultaneously With Other Drugs and Vaccines

  1. How does smallpox vaccine interact with other drugs?
    Smallpox vaccine is not known to interact with any medications; however, circulating antibodies from recent blood product administration or the use of immuno-suppressive medications could interfere with smallpox antibody production.

  2. What about giving smallpox vaccinations at the same time as other vaccinations?
    The smallpox vaccine may be administered concurrently with other inactivated vaccines or at any interval before or after inactivated vaccines, consistent with ACIP recommendations. To avoid confusion in determining which vaccine may have caused post-vaccination skin lesions or other adverse events, and to facilitate managing such events, varicella vaccine and smallpox vaccine should be administered at least 4 weeks. Smallpox vaccine should be administered simultaneously with other live virus vaccines or separated by 4 weeks. Do not administer other vaccines near an active smallpox vaccination site.