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Smallpox - Linen Precautions For Hospital Workers and Institutional Settings After Smallpox Vaccination
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How to Care For Your Uniform at Home - Laundry

  1. I am on call for the next several nights. I sleep in one of the sleep rooms and then I shower in the morning. What do I do with my laundry?
    Pick up all of your personal laundry and place it into a plastic bag to take home for laundering in hot soapy water. Hospital-issued linens and towels should be placed into a hospital laundry hamper. If it's an institutional towel and the laundry workers know that some of the towels come from recently vaccinated people, you may deposit it in the institutional laundry bag.

  2. I go home every night to my family. What do I need to do with my personal laundry?
    If possible, wear clothing that is washable with hot water. You may segregate your personal shirts, linens, and towels from the rest of your family.