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Smallpox - Treating Complications of the Smallpox Vaccination
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Additional Treatment Options

  1. Are there other treatment options for those that have smallpox vaccine complications?

    The Food and Drug Administration has not approved the use of any antiviral compound for the treatment of the smallpox vaccine virus infections or other Orthopoxvirus infections, including smallpox (variola infection). Certain antiviral compounds are effective against smallpox vaccine virus (vaccinia) or other Orthopoxviruses in vitro and among test animals. However, the safety and effectiveness of these compounds for treating the vaccinia vaccination complications or other Orthopoxvirus infections among humans is unknown. Questions also remain regarding the dosing, timing and length of administration of these antiviral compounds.

    Additional information could become available. Health-care providers should consult infectious disease experts for updated information regarding treatment options for the smallpox vaccination complications.