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Vaccine Inventory Management

  1. What is the appropriate disposition for expired vaccine?
    DoD activities are responsible for disposal of compromised or expired vaccine. Contact the pharmacy or logistics for specific policies regarding the disposition of unopened vials, expired vials, unused doses, doses drawn but not administered, and potentially compromised vaccine. DoD activities that provide anthrax and small pox vaccines will report vaccine inventories for destruction to their Service medical logistic agency by preparing a destruction document. The destruction document needs to be faxed to the USAMMA/DOC and must include the following information: date when the vaccine was destroyed; list of lot number(s) destroyed; number of unopened vials destroyed; method of destruction; for Navy ships, where was the vaccine acquired, i.e. FISC, another ship (include ship name), etc.; and signature block, e-mail, and phone number.

  2. When the expiration date of a vaccine indicates a month and year, does the vaccine expire on the first or last day of the month?
    When the expiration date is marked with only a month and year, the vaccine or diluent may be used up to and including the last day of the month indicated on the vial. Any unused vaccine or diluent should not be used after this month has passed. If the expiration date printed on all vaccines and diluent vials and boxes includes the month/day/year the vaccine or diluent may be used up to and including this date. Monitor and rotate your vaccine supply carefully so that vaccines do not expire.